Monday, March 2, 2009

So much love....

Last night while making dinner Brandon walked into the kitchen holding Cash. He is such a great daddy, he holds him and attends to him as much as possible when he IS home since he works SO much! He looked pretty "schmoopy" as I like to call it, and said: "I love him SOOOOO much mama". (yes we call each other mama & daddy. I know, I know, super schmoopy, swallow the puke in your mouth and move on!) My heart SWELLED with love for this man. I didn't think I could love him one ounce more and yet each day I see him dote on our son I love him more and more!

I know a lot of people say having kids can make it harder on a marriage, and i'm sure in the future we will have our "struggles" but for now I am so madly in love with my "baby-daddy".

Those of you that know Brandon, well or even barely at all, know he is a pretty rugged "mans-man". Redneck is what I usually coin him as... yet he is the most sensitive, caring, loving husband and father (don't tell him i told you!) I am so fortunate to have him in my life & thank him every day for giving me such a wonderful son and for working so hard to allow me to stay home with our son. Thank you baby! I love you so much!!

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Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008