Friday, July 24, 2009

Torture & Triumphs

This has been a very big week for Cash James, now 23 weeks old (he will be 6 months on August 10th) he is very active, now has 2 bottom teeth and is on the cusp of crawling. He can scoot and roll to wherever he needs to be but he really wants to crawl! He also has had his first taste of rice cereal and although mostly polite about it at first, he has become quite annoyed with my insistance. We will slowly start letting him try our fruits and veggies which I think will go over better. He's a big fan of his milk and is still sleeping very well so we aren't interested in pushing it on him. Here are a few photos and videos of these "firsts"! =)

Pushing away ever so politely

Daddy help me!

Not quite as polite during the 2nd round

Any day now... he's almost on the move, lock up your daugters! =)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Jackson's go to IOWA!!!

This past weekend we had the pleasure of flying back to Iowa to visit with Brandon’s family, the Hansaker et al….clan (everyone is obviously married with different last names but since his mom has 4 sisters I will just be referring to them as the Hansaker clan!) It was a very exciting trip for all of us as not only had I never met any of them, and thus neither had Cash James, but it had been YEARS since Brandon himself had seen them. It was a long 2 part flight to take with a 5 ½ month old who was VERY energetic and busy ( but thankfully happy) but once we came down the escalator in Des Moines’ very quaint airport and saw the WHOLE family eagerly awaiting our arrival our weekend of family fun commenced!!

Brandon’s Grandma Mona & Grandpa Pete with Brandon’s mom Rhonda, us and Cash James

I was so taken aback by the sheer joy and love protruding from these wonderful, caring people, who instantly greeted me like family; that I actually had tears in my eyes. Not only were they excited to see their Son/Grandson/Nephew/Cousin “Buzz” (Brandon’s childhood nickname), but they were truly excited to see me and our son. We were welcomed with hugs, tears and so much joy and love. So many years of distance were melted away immediately and it was obvious how much they love and missed Brandon and everyone just fell into place and in sync with each other so naturally, in true Hansaker fashion (as I’ve come to learn) it was TIME TO EAT!!! =)

Of all the highs of the weekend I would say the best part was having Brandon’s mom/ my mother-in-law/Cash’s grandma, Rhonda, hug and kiss us when we hit the bottom of the escalator – it was like coming home after being gone for so long… which it WAS for Brandon, but even for myself and Cash. I just felt the love and I appreciated every ounce of it!

Cash’s Grandma Rhonda (B’s mama) with the three of us

Brandon, Grandma Rhonda & Cash James – 3 generations

Back to the food…. These people LOVE TO EAT! Which I was happy to oblige as being a nursing mother I am always hungry….. funny though, they kept me SO well fed that I never got hungry once while I was there. This would be a first for me since getting pregnant! LOL Not only are they AMAZING cooks but as I also learned, they actually only eat breakfast/lunch/dinner in order to GET TO DESSERT! In fact, right after you take your first bite of breakfast/lunch/dinner Aunt Jenny was asking which type of dessert you would like! I learned very quickly that MAYBE means YES and even NO means YES – and your dessert, or in most cases DESSERTS ( as there are numerous types at any given time) are lined up before you pretty much by the time you’ve taken your 3rd bite of the main meal. I could really get use to this, maybe we should move to Iowa!!!! Even thinking back about the wonderful food I am hungry…. Let alone the fabulous desserts… red velvet cake, cupcakes, strawberry rhubarb pie, rice crispy treats, bon bons, home made ice cream with caramel sauce and pralines….. my mouth is watering. I thought I was the only one who enjoyed cupcakes for breakfast, for the Hansakers it is as normal as a morning cup of coffee!

So let’s regroup. Big family full of love & laughter compiled with cupcakes for breakfast… um yes…. I was in HEAVEN to say the least!
I want to thank Grandma Mona & Grandpa Pete for making the trip happen. I just wish we could have stayed longer, we were both so sad to leave yet in this economy we are fortunate that Brandon has a job at all, let alone one he is able to take a long weekend away from. We didn’t want to push THOSE limits! Thank you! I also want to thank Rhonda, Keri & Kylie for coming up from Texas so that we could all be together. Thank you for taking the time etc… it wouldn’t have been the same without you, especially you Grandma Rhonda! I want to thank Jenny & Tony for letting us stay with them at the farm. It was perfect in every way – especially the part with all the yummy desserts! Hee hee Thank you Jolene/Kevin/Evan, LuAnne/Rick, Megan/Eric for taking time out of your schedules to spend time with us and feed us! Thank you to Cindy for stopping by to take such great family photos, I only wish you could have stayed a while to chat!

With Brandon’s Aunt Jolene & Cousin Evan

Thank you to EVERYONE who took time from their hectic lives to come spend a great weekend with us; and mostly to hold, snuggle, sing to, rock & love Cash James. As his mother there is no greater gift you could ever give me than to love my son as much as you all do! I feel so blessed that my son has all of you to call his family, and after this weekend I myself am SO blessed to have you all as MY family as well. Thank you for welcoming me in with open arms! See you soon!!!

The Hansaker sisters with grandma & grandpa & of course, us

Cash James with his Great Aunt “Nanny” LuAnne

Aunt Keri, Brandon & Cash James by the fire on the farm

Uncle Rick flew by for a "BUZZ for BUZZ"

Saying goodbye is never fun!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I have been trying for days to get Cash on video scootin' around... he's quite the little mover these days. He has places to go and toys to see you know!! I was SO CLOSE today but alas, he only scooted backwards... so for now this is all I have to offer! It's still cute, you get to hear his frustrated whine as well. He was annoyed that he was going away from the coveted cell phone instead of towards it! =) ENJOY!

Crazy Train video by popular demand....

I've received a few requests to post "crazy train" ( as we like to call it) so here it is! Enjoy!!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

You must have been a beautiful baby......

Cash James is 5 months old!!!!
Please Vote for him in our local beautiful baby contest!!

I cannot believe Cash James has been here for 5 months already, and yet I can't really remember NOT having him! We are SO BLESSED! He is such a fun, loving, huggable little man. I love him so much!!
We have entered him in a beautiful baby contest, it's a long shot since I think it's how many people you 'know' but I figured we'd give it a try! The grand prize of $5k would make for a nice little college nest egg! Follow the link below, once you are registered, log-in and use the link to go directly to his photo. You only get ONE VOTE per EMAIL ADDRESS so ONLY VOTE FOR CASH. If you are not taken directly to him once you are logged in re-enter the below link!! Vote until August 4th! Please pass along to others for their vote as well!!! Thank you!!!!!!

**Please vote for Cash James: (copy and paste the link to your browser, it should take you RIGHT to his photo once you are logged in) THANK YOU!!!,0,3993475,permalink.ugcphotogallery?u=Cash

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birch Bay

Cash and I took a trip up to Birch Bay this week to spend some time with Grandma.(Blaine, WA - about 100 miles north of us) Unfortunatly it rained almost the WHOLE time with only a few sun breaks but w e made the best of it, we are Washintonians so a little rain wasn't going to slow us down! It was Cash's first time to the beach and I REALLY wanted to get his feeties in the sand but it was waaaay too cold for that. Maybe next time! We just bundled him up and walked around to all the shops; Of course the ladies at the restaurant, cafe & candy store doted on him.... who wouldn't? =)
At the Candy store

SOOOO excited about all the candy! haha

On a walk with Mama

Natures Art work

Snuggled up with mama on the beach to keep warm!

At the local Cafe for a mocha

Helping mama by packing up his toys... time to go home!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


It's official, mark your calendars, Cash James has his first TOOTH!!! It won't come as a surprise to those of you who know him, he's a major drool bug; but I thought it would take a little longer to break through. He will be 5 months old on July 10th so he's cutting his teeth a little early - lucky me! haha
Let's just hope and pray that he uses them for GOOD instead of EVIL.
We shall see.....
Another mile stone he reached this week has been his new mode of transport... rolling! He's been known to scoot while on his back if he has something to push off of with his feet but now he rolls from back to tummy, over and over and over again to get where ever he needs to go!! Watch out... he's coming for you!

Yesterday we went up to my dads house in Everett to celebrate the 4th. He lives on a bluff overlooking the sound, 180 degree view - beautiful!

With Great Grandma Millie & Great Grandpa Billy
It was HOT but Cash James stayed cool in the shade of his umbrella and although he fell asleep before the finale he DID stay up for the fireworks and really enjoyed watching them!

Mama & Cash watching the fireworks

Cash didn't quite make it to the finale!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Cash has the blues....

Brandon was playing guitar for Cash this A.M. while he was in the "jumpa jumpa". He does this often but I haven't gotten it on video! I'm so blessed to have such a wonderful, talented husband!! Oh and Happy 4th of July!!!


Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008