Sunday, March 27, 2011


We went to pick up Brandon's new (to us) tractor yesterday. His friend gave it to us as it needs work and he didn't have the time or energy to do so. Lucky for us not only are we on a tight budget but Brandon loves projects! It's a 1978 John Deere Lawn Tractor and Cash James is in HOG HEAVEN!!!! (As is Buzz!)

Mama & sweet pea, 24 weeks, note to self; this is what happens when you try to squeeze into non-maternity shirts that were FITTED 20 lbs ago!! Not the most attractive pic of me but I love Cash in the corner, he's mad because we were leaving to go to Home Depot and he wanted to drive the Tractor some more! LOL

Brandon & Cash are out back starting the foundation for the new deck... here are a few pics so show how bad it is, so you will all appreciate the "AFTER" when it's all complete! It's such a mud pit back there, mostly thanks to the off-shoot of the creek but also because my dad did some "muddin" in his truck a few times delivering fire wood!! Cash loves playing in the mud but when he falls he gets a bit peeved, especially when the mud seeps into his boots - EW! Dada dumped the muddy water out of his boots while I got cookies and all was good again!!

And just for fun ( hoping to SHAME him into a hair cut!)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

I THINK it's official, spring is here... although WA has been known to bust out a random snow storm in March/April from time to time so *KNOCK ON WOOD*, just to be safe! I didn't think we'd ever see spring or get to DEFROST! It has been a very cold winter in our old house. Our FIRST winter, something to remember that's for sure.

For those of you that have not had the pleasure of visiting this Winter let me paint you a picture. Our house is almost 100 years old. Upon poking around Brandon has figured out that in leiu of insulation we have newspaper in the walls, yes, that means we are as warm as a hampster cage! lol We also have old windows and the back of the house, under the kitchen and 2nd bedroom, is open underneathe the crawl space so air drafts in and thus makes it IMPOSSIBLE to go into the kitchen unless you are wearing snow boots. brrrrrr....

Some of the highlights of our winter include having the heater come on even when it is in the OFF Position (we heat our house by stove) - this means our house was below 30 degrees. Having spilled bath water on the bathroom floor turn into slush. And of course the classic time when Cash asked to use to the potty and immedidatly started to cry because the toilet seat was SO VERY COLD! Poor kid is going to be in diapers until he's 6 now! LOL

So now that we have survived, we have some 'upgrades' and repairs to make before the next winter sets in, as I do not want to go through this again, especially with an infant!

Keep checking back for fun Spring pics and progress on all our projects. Brandon is starting the back deck today and is also picking up his 1978 John Deere Riding lawn tractor ( which needs a few tweaks!) Until then here are a few pics from the past month, sorry about the quality. I usually just grab my cell to take pics when the mood strikes me!

First car ride at the outlet mall, he wasn't a fan!

Mama, I need more tooth paste!

TIME OUT! (He threw his shoe at the cat, naughty!)

I tricked him into smiling by taking a pic of his truck, he refuses to smile or even look at me when I grab the camera!

Dancing along to Dora, his new AMIGA! She helped us survive 2 weeks of Pneumonia, God Bless her!

Oh and Baby Girl and I are doing well, despite my sore bum from the fall, we are 24 weeks and FINALLY healthy and happy now that we've kicked the pneumonia! Updated belly pic to come soon, I haven't showered yet! :) We are officially on the surgery schedule to have her on July 7th (since I have to have a repeat c-section); let's hope she doesn't decide to come early!!

On the trail with Billie girl, 23 weeks!


Thursday, March 10, 2011


The Jackson house has had a rough couple of weeks. Just when we think things can't get worse something else brings us down... I'm writing this post to release all of this bad juju from our home! I've heard bad things happen in 3's so i'm hoping we're good for a while. After Jack's passing I fell down our front stairs, slipped in the snow. Luckily baby girl was fine but my tailbone is cracked; i'm still unable to sit properly. This past week we've had the plague, I was diagnosed with Pneumonia and i'm wondering if Brandon has it as well... so that's three! So we're DONE right!?!? Time to buy a lotto ticket!

When life gives ya lemons you're suppose to make lemonade, but a little sugar is needed as well! So bring on the sugar! We need it!!


Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008