Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Jackson Family has grown by 4 paws!

Meet our newest member, 10 week old English Springer Spaniel BILLIE!!

We have been wanting to get Cash James a pup to grow up with for a while now & we were lucky enough to find little Billie yesterday. She is such a sweet girl. All her sisters were very pretty and gregarious as well but there was something about Billie. She is a bit shy & "presented" herself to Cash and I... once we acknowledged her she was very friendly but not over-bearing. She has such a big heart and is such a luv bug! Cash adores her! She fits in with our family perfectly!

Jack-Jack on the other hand.... he is a bit displaced and disgruntled but when we aren't looking he plays with her.

I have a feeling that once he tells her whose boss they will be best friends! At the very least he should appreciate that Billie will take Cash's attention off of him so Jack-Jack can relax =)

Billie already has a few nick-names.... luv bug, sweet pea, baby girl, billie jean to name a few... we're working on her FULL name for the AKC... something along the lines of : "Jacksons Bashful Billie Girl". We'll see.....

I want to thank her "biological" family/breeder for raising such a happy & loving pup! All the pups were so friendly and enjoyed playing with Cash! They obviously put a lot of love into their pups!! Rest assured we will give her a great life!! She's already one of the family =)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Fun in the SUN!

The Jacksons' ((sans Brandon)) spent a week at the beach with Grandma and the weather couldn't have been better!! We had so much fun playing on the beach & at the pool in Birch Bay ((Blaine,WA if you want to google Jo!))
We were sad that Brandon couldn't get the time off of work to join us so we packed up the truck & are heading to Cabin Creek to camp as a FAMILY for the weekend. Busy busy busy....

We are on our way East right now and the car temp gauge reads 93 out.... YEOW! Muy caliente! It's the perfect weather to camp & fish on the river. We are looking forward to some quality time with Dada. He took on a side job and hasn't had a day off in a month! We missed him while we were in Birch Bay so a family camping trip is the perfect way to reconnect! I'm also very excited for Cash to fish with Brandon. Last year he was a bit small but this year I'm sure he will be so excited to fish with Dada.

When we return I will get on a computer & upload some pics... still havnt figured out how to upload from my ((not so)) "smart phone". =)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

farewell to facebook...

I am happy to report that I am able to blog from my cell phone now... assuming this posts correctly when I am done! Although I apologize in advance for any/all spelling & grammatical errors as it is harder to catch those things on such a small screen! Hopefully this is the first of many wonderful blogs... I've missed blogging...

I have given up my facebook and I must say it is liberating! During my pregnancy I spent countless hours facebooking but since the birth of my now almost 17 month son I just don't have the time, interest or energy! Not to mention having no internet in our current home (other than my cell phone) it's hard to "keep up". I trained my "friends" during my pregnancy to expect me to SEE and BE everywhere on FB.... now that I'm trying to enjoy my son and family in "person" I've been wanting to ditch the FB but I didn't want to take the baby pics away from out of state family & friends. After too many negative and backhanded comments I took the plunge and said BUH-BYE to my facebook! Ahhh..... I'm enjoying the peace.....

I'm not saying I won't ever go back. The "plan" is to start fresh whenever the urge strikes me to return. Honestly though, now that I can blog from my phone & TWEET pictures of Cash ((follow me on twitter GretchenJackson or jacksonbg@gmail.com)) I really don't feel the NEED to go back. We'll see.....

A very wise (and fabulous) women told me that every once in a while you must "pull the weeds from your friend garden." Facebook kept me from weeding as I should. It's time to focus on the positive people that love me for me and learn to protect my heart & just enjoy my family. So here's to more blogs & tweets and less DRAMA!! Xoxox


Photos by Ann Elrod - ChickWithACamera.blogspot.com

The Jackson Family, December 2008