Saturday, November 12, 2011

Elsie Rae is FOUR MONTHS OLD!!

Elsie Rae is FOUR Months old and she is such a funny little sweet pea! She is ALWAYS ALWAYS smiling and laughing and she is SO VERY CHATTY! She has SO much to say to EVERYONE, but mostly her big brother whom she ADORES and her animals. She LOVES to jumpa-jumpa like a mad women and is quite interested in everything I do during the day. Elsie is SO close to finding her feet and putting them in her mouth (my fav stage) so keep on the lookout for that!! She is cat napper, always afraid she'll miss out on something fun if she sleeps too long but she is a GREAT night sleeper so I guess I can't complain. She has had a lot of fun hanging out with her daddy while he's been off work these past few weeks. She is so much fun. We love her more each day!!


13 lbs 4 oz (42nd percentile)

25" tall (78th percentile)

15.98" head circ (39th percentile)

As always, practically perfect in EVERY way!! <3

(I couldn't get her to smile for her pics, she was too busy trying to roll over and crawl away!)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Meet Lily!

The Jackson family has grown by four paws! Meet our newest member, Lily! Lily is a sweet black lab that we were lucky enough to adopt. We've been looking for a friend for Billie-girl when the heavens opened and dropped Lils into our lives. We are very grateful to her old owner for raising her so well. She is a sweet, obedient girl and fits right in already. She is especially smitten with Elsie Rae so we think she will be her doggie although Cash is having fun with the new "blue" doggie too. :) The cat is indiferent, Lils gave her a big old sniff then moved on. She ignored the girls at first but has since flushed them out of the bushes a few times but hasn't gone after any of them. She has stolen a few of Cash's wooden train tracks here and there for chew toys but drops them as soon as we ask her to. All in all we thinks she's a PERFECT fit for our family. So keep an eye out for more pics of this black beauty!

On an unrelated note we had our christmas pics taken this weekend with the FABULOUS Jerrah with Freckled Photography. Here is a sneek peek...

In other news ELSIE RAE IS 4 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!! Milestone pics coming soon!!! =)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloweenie!

Pics of halloween and some videos of the cutest kids in the whole wide world!!!!


Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008