Thursday, March 26, 2009


Cash James is 6 weeks old and it is official, HE IS SMILING AT US! I think he’s been doing this for a few weeks now but it wasn’t consistent so we weren’t sure but we are SURE now! He is a smiley happy boy and has DIMPLES! SO FRIGGIN ADORABLE! I HAVE to get a video camera soon so I can start posting some snippets of him. He is changing and growing so much each day. He LOVES it when daddy “eats his feeties” – it cracks him up, but I am not allowed to eat his feeties, it makes him mad when I do it! I find it ironic that I AM his food source yet when I pretend to eat him it upsets him. I guess he feels HE is at the top of this food chain! Haha…

During bath time today he peed and then immediately cracked up laughing; he thinks he’s HILARIOUS! Each day is such a joy with Cash. He is so wide eyed and aware of everything around him. He has even learned that Jack has bad breath – he tries to avoid his kisses as much as possible. Smart little man! I finally bought a Moby wrap yesterday – I was avoiding it because they are so intimidating (it’s a baby carrying wrap for those of you not “in the know”.) I don’t know HOW I got through the past 6 weeks without it – now I can REALLY multi-task! =)


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Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008