Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Springing forward towards pet peeves...

Cash has had a rough time getting back on schedule with the time change. Who knew a single HOUR could bring my sleep schedule to a crashing HALT!?!? That along with afternoon naps being interrupted by people who want to hold him; word of advice... don't wake a sleeping baby in the beginning or even middle of his nap... you are pretty much RUINING the mothers next 3 nights! You know who you are people, and it needs to stop! At the very least ASK first... there are times when I know if he is woken up it will be ok, and there are other times when I know it means I will be drinking A LOT of extra coffee over the next few days! So even if you haven’t seen him in a while (or ever) and he’s SO CUTE… just please wait… he will eventually wake up and then you can hold him all you want!

So between springing forward and horrible horrible people (ok you aren’t horrible but at 3 am when he’s crying I could pretty much slit your throats!) we've inevitably had a few fussy nights the past week.. and to my surprise the ONE thing that seems to mesmerize him isn't ANY of the toys that everyone said we HAD to buy... oh no, it's the light fixture in his room! He gazes at it like it's a shooting star bringing him luck and peaceful dreams... he can be in an ALL OUT screaming fit and as soon as I put him on his changing table to change his diaper he immediately turns his head and just gazes at his light. It isn't even fancy.. the builder put it in, I’m pretty sure it's from the Hampton collection at home depot. Brandon DID put a dimmer on it so it's usually at a "low glow" but he will look RIGHT PAST the sea sounds light bright sea horse and stare at his light! AMAZING! I’m thinking about having that light fixture installed in every room of our house… it would make dinner so much easier! For once I would LOVE to be able to eat WITH my husband and when the food is STILL WARM! haha

Last night he finally got back on his old schedule and just as I was about to drift off into peaceful, much needed sleep Jack-Jack pukes then climbs onto my chest and starts whining… a mother’s job is never done is it? =)

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The Jackson Family, December 2008