Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cowboy UP!

My Sweet sweet cowboy

I finally got the "cowboy" shots i've been envisioning ever since I found out we were having a boy! Just to be clear this is most likely just the FIRST of MANY cowboy outfits & shoots for Cash James. He is just so darn cute... my rootin' tootin' lil cow poke!! =) ENJOY!

Everyone loves a naked cowboy hee hee

He's making this face because he's peeing... oopsie! Clean up on aisle 3!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday Brandon!


Yesterday was Brandon's 29th birthday... yes that is correct... he is younger than me. No, I am not a cougar, he is only 2 years younger so that makes me a cub... it's similar to being a cougar but less predatory. At least that's what I tell myself so I can sleep at night! LOL

Brandon took the day off so we could all spend the day together. It was so nice having him home on a week day.

His birthday requests:

*A trip to the fly fishing store
*Home made Baileys Pie
*Stuffed Cornish Game hens for dinner

How easy is that?? I not only happily obliged but I also made peanut butter cookies and a peanut butter pie with oreo crust. (He's a bit of a peanut butter junkie!)

Cash James loved having daddy home for a special day. He loves his daddy SO much and pretty much is always saying DA-DA-DA (no mama yet but I will wait patiently)

Here's your gift daddy, I wrapped it myself...

I'll help you daddy...

Cash Playing daddy a song he wrote for him =)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Camping at Cabin Creek!

This past weekend we went camping at cabin creek. It was our first camping trip since having Cash and he LOVED it!! He is a NATURAL! Not surprising though; both Brandon and I have been "happy campers" our whole lives. Some of my favorite memories of my childhood are of my family camping at Hoods Canal in Mason county. Both Brandon and I have scars to show proof of our camping memories. I have an "oyster bite" (that's what they tell you when you are 3 and bleeding while half your leg is hanging there... " oh honey, the oyster bit you" LOL) on my right leg while Brandon has an AX indention in his shin from another... yes... you read that correctly, he swung an AX into his shin... i'm guessing he only made that mistake ONCE! OUCH!

My Handsome boys!

We had such a fabulous time. Cash James for the most part was a HAPPY CAMPER despite the cold nights and the fact that he had FIVE teeth coming in... yes FIVE... I didn't even know that was possible! Four uppers and one lower cutting through AT ONCE! Poor kid! Needless to say he had a few UNhappy camper moments, but we let them slide... =)

Mad beacause I made him get out of the water:

He LOVED snuggling with us and watching the camp fire at night. We treated ourselves to "new camping chairs"... mine, a "rocking" camp chair, perfect for snuggling and nursing my little baby boy, and Brandon, a "reclining" camp chair... ah... roughing it! LOL

Cash had a whole weekend of wonderment! First time to crawl and thus dig into & EAT dirt... YUM!

First time crawling on the beach & rocks and INTO THE WATER! The kid has NO FEAR at ALL! He dove right in... I was grabbing him all the while trying to photograph the whole process. It was a great moment for me as his mama. He loved all nature had to offer and we loved sharing these experiences with him and watching his excitement as he "took it all in". He is such a joy! We are so blessed!


Let's not forget jack-jack. He is surprisingly quite the little outdoors-dog. He LOVES the water and just hanging out in nature. He isn't much of a snuggler when it comes to bedtime but when it got cold he got to snugglin!! =)


Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008