Saturday, March 28, 2009

Music and Memories....

Music has always been a large part of my life. You might say certain songs have created the ‘soundtrack’ to my existence. I have always found solace in certain songs and have related to lyrics at specific points in my life. It’s amazing how hearing a certain song can take you back to a place & time, feelings, sights, smells…. As if it was just yesterday. Case in Point –

Juice Newton Queen of Hearts, Living room of my house in Snohomish, Maybe 4 years old…

Smokey Robinson Tears of a Clown - passenger seat of my moms RX7 after being picked up from Daycare…

Elton John Tiny Dancer – Back Seat of the bronco on my way to Lake Tahoe with my dad…drinking SUPER SIPS from Costco… needless to say A LOT of bathroom breaks! haha

Fleetwood Mac Dreams – Summer, sunroof open in my 1987 Jetta GL, going to Mukilteo beach in high school.

Tim McGraw/Faith Hill I need you – my wedding...

This is the beauty in music. It’s as if our memories & loved ones are ingrained in the melody, no matter where we are when that song comes on… these special moments drift out of the lyrics!

Never in my life has music, melody and lyrics made such an impact on me than during my pregnancy. I found my son in numerous songs….and found myself crying A LOT!

One song in particular that I have always loved but that really touched me when I became pregnant is “God Speed” by the Dixie Chicks. Natalie Mains wrote the song as a lullaby for her son. I found it again in the early weeks of my pregnancy and would listen to it constantly, sing along and many times cry along with the melody…. It became CASH’S song before we even knew HE was a HE… I had a hunch though! Once we confirmed he was INDEED a HE I had the chorus to the song printed onto stickers and Brandon installed it above the crib in the nursery, it reads:

“God Speed Little Man, Sweet Dreams Little Man. Our Love Will Fly to You Each Night on Angel’s Wings. God Speed, Sweet Dreams.”

(There wasn’t a video to this song so I found one that someone dubbed over an episode of X-files, funny I know, but the best I could do for ya! I also posted “Lullaby”, another song I love by the Dixie Chicks!)

Now that Cash is here, songs, even those I THOUGHT I already had a connection to, are SO much more meaningful. I find him in so many songs! When I look back at this time in our lives I will have a long list of memories imbedded into a thousand songs…

Cash will have a very strong connection to music as well, as I’m sure he already does… it definitely calms him. I spent many hours of my pregnancy, and now during middle of the night feedings, singing to him, and his daddy played his guitar to my belly each night and plays for Cash all the time still. My TV is STILL on CMT or the country channel almost all day long and we are building a pretty good lullaby collection for his nursery. So his memories are being ingrained into lyrics and melody…..

Even when I’m old and gray… if I’m having a hard time remembering my boy being tiny, I can just listen to a song and the memories and moments will flood into my heart!

(I HAD to post Juice Newton, now that I’ve thought about it the memories are flooding in…. I can SEE my mom dancing with the vacuum and I can HEAR her voice… I love it! Love you mom!)

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