Thursday, December 30, 2010

Naughty dog is digging up some history...

Bad news, our 7 month old Springer Spaniel Billie has been digging up our front yard. There are holes everywhere. Luckily we haven't landscaped yet so other than the dirty paws it isn't a huge deal. Our exterior is already an eye sore, why not add some holes??

Good news... she has unearthed an old red brick pathway that, we're guessing, use to go to the little bridge that once connected the front yard to the road. Back when people use to walk in the road.

Anywhooooo.... BAD DOG may be her moniker lately but we may try to restore this cute little path. So kuddos to Billie girl for helping us find the true character of our little farm house! Now stay out of my mint plants!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

No pictures please...

In my attempt to try to get a smiling pic for Cash's Thank You/New Years card he pulled out a few different levels of silliness. What happened to my little photographers dream?? I guess the most photogenic baby turns into the most un-photogenic, scratch that... un-cooperative toddler! So here are a few silly pics. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Magic of Christmas!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! We sure did! This year was so much fun. Kids really do make Christmas magical! Cash James is so blessed with so many people that love him so much. He received so many wonderful, thoughtful gifts. He is the luckiest little boy and Brandon and I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful little man! Christmas eve A.M. was full of excitement,we watched Christmas videos, wrapped presents and made Christmas cookies. Enough excitement to tucker out a little elf! After a quite day at home full of anticipation we got into our Christmas best to head to Papa's house to spend Christmas Eve with my side of the family. Doesn't he look SO happy to be all dressed up!!?! :) Once at Papa's we enjoyed each others company and a delicious Ham dinner with all the trimmings. After dinner we all gathered in the living room and opened gifts. Cash James had SO much fun putting Uncle Grant to work. Having him help get each and every toy out of it's box so he could immediately play with them! The tractor fleet Uncle Grant, Auntie Arecka & Austyn got him was a BIG hit and the tools Papa got him came in handy to make any/all modifications to his rigs his little heart desired! All tuckered out after all the excitement. Once home he requested to sleep with his tractor. Despite worrying he may wake with tractor tire marks on his face in the A.M. I conceded. After all, it is Christmas! :) On Christmas morning Cash woke up and came downstairs quite grumpy around 6:30am. He walked right past the tree and didn't even notice Santa had been here... he climbed into our bed for a bit more sleep. He had a big day ahead of him so this was probably a good decision on his part! Around 9:30 Cash was still asleep and Brandon and I were getting quite anxious so we decided to let Billie wake him up... we brought him out to the living room so he could see that SANTA'S BEEN HERE!!! All he wanted to do was play with his BIG BIG truck from Santa. Next year I will have Santa hide it and we will give it to him AFTER he opens his other gifts. It took a little bit of time but we finally got him to open his gifts. He was very careful with the paper and took his sweet time. I'm pretty sure we were opening gifts for about 2 hours! He wanted to open and play with each one. He received so many wonderful gifts. Everyone spoiled him! Lots of tractors, trucks & trains! =) Handmade Tractor Jammies from Meme Rhonda! Dogs Love Christmas too! Very cool "CASH" wooden train from Grandma! Thank you snuggles for Mama!! <3 My 11 weeks Christmas bump! =) A few grainy Christmas videos... we really should have asked Santa for a real video camera! :)

((Having technical difficulties! Videos failed to upload. Check back later....))

Of COURSE he had to take his BIG BIG truck to Grandpa Kile's for Christmas Dinner!He even took a little snooze with it on our way there....

We went to B's dads house for a delicious Christmas Dinner of Steak & Lobster. Unfortunately my camera died about 20 mins after we got there but i'm waiting patiently for photos from Kile's camera and will post those once I receive them!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Photo Attempt...

Since our Christmas photo session never panned out I figured I would attempt to take my own chrismtas pics.

Cute kid - CHECK,
Great backdrop - CHECK,
Adorable outfit - CHECK,
Professional camera.... er.....

I think considering it was impromptu, Cash is almost 2 (and thus not wanting to sit still and smile for pics) and my camera is from Target they are decent...

Enjoy the many faces of annoyance & boredom! LOL


Here's our little sweet pea's first Christmas photo. 9 weeks old. CUtest lima bean ever :) (S)he is on the left side facing out.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


As I posted last week we had an odd explosion of Horse Flies show up... I was SURE I had killed them all. Leaving only a few for the dog to chase ( keeps her busy & entertains us). Cash even caught one in his fingertips... Mr. Miygi? That kid surprises me daily.

After only a few days of peace and quiet we started to notice a few more. I have scoured my kitchen... I cannot figure out how they have breached my perimeter. EW!! SO... we hung a fly strip. It's a lovely addition to the antique farm decor in my kitchen. Sorry. Just keepin' it real.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Almost 10 weeks

I've heard from my all my friends that you show so much faster with your 2nd baby, apparently i'm jumping on the band-wagon as well. I'm happy about it, I hate the bloat stage.

So here is my very first belly picture. If you look close I think our little sweet pea is waving at the camera! :)

I have so many fun idea for pics with Cash & my belly once I get bigger... I can't wait! Stay tuned!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Papa Noel

Santa pics went much like they did last year.... same Santa, same kid, same meltdown.. .just more hair! Santa wasn't as "concerned" this year though... he must have had a long day; he just screamed along with him. LOL


Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008