Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Name Game...

So of course, as it was with Cash James, we had a boy name we both agreed upon. (And we're keeping it hush hush in case there is a NEXT TIME). Boy names are easy. At least in our family we feel they are. Girl names on the other hand are harder. Maybe because you want them to be cute & girly when they are little but then professional (you know, in case she becomes a lawyer) when they are older. Probably how STIFF & PROPER names came into play back in the day. Even the most grown up girl name has a cute 'n sweet nick-name hiding in there. Case in point my grandma MILDRED... can you imagine calling a tiny baby girl Mildred. Thus comes into play MILLIE. So super sweet you can almost see the pig-tails and smell the lolipops! Although my grandma is still that sweet so she still goes by Millie. =)

Anyhow, I digress... our number one name, which we have told some, mostly to mixed review just seems sweet. It ends in an "IE" and thus I worry she will never be taken seriously as an adult. Granted you can drop off the "IE", which would be a somewhat odd "given" name but could give her some street cred lol

As for her middle name i'm all about "family" middle names. So we are leaning towards RAE (maternal grandfather & uncle) or MAY (paternal great aunt). They both fit nicely with our choice, assuming we stick with the name most people don't love.

A good friend of mine told me that at the end of the day we need to be happy with our choice. Everyone else will just have to DEAL! I'm just trying to keep my yap shut so people stop "opinionating" on our almost 99% choice. I'm sure once they meet her, in all her sweet & precious glory they will see how perfect our choice is.

So if you have an IDEA feel free to throw it our way, but if you have a negative opion just remember one of hte golden rules:



  1. Now I'm dying to know what the name is...LOL!

  2. Totally agree with your friend--too bad if people don't like it. Not their child. I will say, however, that I am in favor of revealing the name before she's born! Not everybody has a glowing reaction to Beatrix. Before she was born our reaction was "well screw you too." If we waited until she was born to tell her name, it would have hurt my feelings because it would have been a slight to her.
    I happen to think Millie is a precious girl AND a precious grown-up. And I LOVE Millie May!

  3. Now I HAVE to know what name you've picked! You're such a tease...sheesh! :)
    But I do agree with doesn't matter who likes the name, as long as YOU guys do! That's all that matters! :)

  4. I think the name is not only super cute but fits you guys perfectly! Plus she can always go by her middle name if she thinks the first is too cutesie!!:)

  5. Although I LOVE the name Millie we can't use it... our springers name is billie, that would be odd/confusing... should have thought that one through. I honestly never thought we'd have a baby girl! :)

    As for telling the name prior to baby being born I think people are more likely to DISlike it before it's set in stone. Once they look at the beautiful baby they have to hold their tongue... even if they still don't like it!

    (I love the name Beatrix Kylie!!)

    We aren't 100% so that's why we aren't going public with it... we may even end up with 2 names and wait to see the baby before we choose.

  6. I love the ie May fits you 3 well ;o)



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