Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!

We've been enjoying the sunshine these past few days! Despite the winter chill that comes with a clear sunny day... lots of layers are in order but the fresh air is doing us all some good! =)

Yesterday Cash and I went to Papa's house so he could ride his trike outside. We finally got him a helmet and he was eager to hit the pavement. He and Papa rode to great grandmas and back then did a few laps on the lane. About a mile and a half... not bad! He didn't crash at all and I had to run to keep up with him. He kept saying "I"m FAST!" LOL He also fell FAST asleep once we left Papa's. Of course he refused to take his helmet off...

Tomorrow I will be 17 weeks pregnant with my little sweet pea and despite a hernia i'm feeling pretty good! I have a check up today and then the countdown is on for the BIG appt where we get to find out the flavor. I'm leaning towards boy but not "sure".... the appt is a week from Friday, the day after Cash's 2nd birthday, plus Meme Rhonda will be up from Texas for the week so it will be a fun time for all of us!

And speaking of Cash's 2nd birthday I dont know how he's grown up so fast... I'm so proud of my little man. He is so smart and so much fun. I'm pretty sure if i wasn't expecting another little luv bug i would be a blubbering mess right about now. I've accepted he's a littly boy and we are enjoying each day with him. Everything is an adventure. He's so much fun! We have decided to not have a birthday party for him this year. We'll celebrate his birthday with a cupcake, balloon and maybe even stop in for a surprise at the toy store in downtown Snohomish. He had a very small party last year and he was overwhelmed. We figured until he's old enough to care and enjoy a party we may as well just keep it all about the family. Rest assured he will be spoiled and feel special. That is what really matters! =)

The bathroom is ALMOST complete, Brandon is just finishing up the tile backsplash. I'm really happy how it has turned out. We budgeted really well and made small inexpensive changes that made a big impact! The before pic isn't great, it was taken at the inspection. But it shows how tiny & rediculous the vanity was. My fav part of my new bathroom, other than my fab shower curtain you can't see are the antique ball jars I got from my g'ma Millie. They were the inspiration for the paint!

Oh, on another note, Billie decided to "become a women" yesterday. I've never dealt with a dog in heat. SO glad I have hardwood floors! Needless to say she's going to the vet tomorrow.... =)

We are off to hit the trail, it is another gloriously sunny day ( brrrrr...)

Happy February!!!!!

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