Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Answering the painful questions

For those of you hurting and wanting to know WHY jack-jack is no longer with us below is a web address (copy & paste into browser) about Adrenal Failure in dogs. It states dogs can have it for a long time with little or no signs then have an 'episode' that can be fatal. The vet mentioned this could be the cause but was not positive. This fits the bill for our little monkey more so than if he were poisoned. He just wouldn't eat anything foreign. He was SO picky he wouldn't even eat chicken if he didn't like the sauce!

Last summer jack had an absessed tooth which grew into an infection in his cheek, he had to have a few teeth removed and the absess cleaned out. It was a minor situation but i'm wondering if his blood was tainted from the infection thus maybe setting off this adrenal failure? Knowing or not knowing won't bring our little man back but it gives us some piece of mind.


Another disease that we found that seems to fit the symptoms, although the vet didn't mention it is •Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis (HGE). copy & paste the link into your browser then click on the "common disease" tab and it will take you to a list, then click on HGE.


RIP little Monkey, we love and miss you SO SO much!

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The Jackson Family, December 2008