Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I have been avoiding blogging about our current house hunt because I didn’t want to jinx us. But…. WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!! Actually… we have made an offer on a house that has been accepted and we are in the process of buying it… let’s hope/pray/send good thoughts to the universe that it all goes well and we close on our scheduled date of September 8th!!

So here’s the skinny…. Brandon and I both really wanted to buy an old historic farmhouse on acreage. We’ve been searching high and low… we either love the house OR we love the land… many that have both components were gutted and needed LOTS of work. We were prepared to stay at Papa’s after closing and put our heart, soul, sweat & tears into a home. We both love the character of old farmhouses and no matter the level of disrepair we could see the potential.

In what seemed like our lowest hour our lovely agent (and friend) Karla sent us a listing… I didn’t even want to open it. We had been trucking all over God’s Green Earth with our kid & dogs in tow and have been disappointed over and over again… So I open the listing…..

OH MY!!!! THIS IS OUR HOME!!! I was so excited I started screaming up the stairs at Brandon! I think he thought the puppy ate another shoe. We immediately jump into the truck to head to see the house, it had been listed for 2 hours and we were NOT missing out on this one… I was on the phone with Karla so she could be prepared with a purchase & sale agreement. It was almost 9pm on a weeknight and we were on a mission.

A little background…..

About a year ago before we had even decided to sell our condo I would look on the MLS at houses just to DREAM. I found this farmhouse on 2 acres that was adorable… it was a short sale and listed above our price point (not to mention we weren’t in the market for a house just yet) but I just loved it. Brandon did as well. I followed it as it went through a few price reductions, the last time I saw it it was just on the cusp of our price point and we were waiting on our own sale to go through but alas… it disappeared. I was SURE someone else bought OUR house!

When we finally started looking at houses I kept searching for OUR farmhouse & I even told Karla about it and we never found it ( of course I didn’t have the address written down, that would have made it easier but we knew it wasn’t on the MLS anymore). So when Karla sent the listing it was a foreclosure that had JUST back on and it was FATE! This was OUR home and we were ecstatic! We made a full price offer only 3 hours after it had been listed and then we waited….

Turns out there were other offers and we needed to give our “best and final bid. We discussed our options and wanted to make a solid offer … I was afraid if we underbid and lost it we would kick ourselves for not trying our HARDEST. So we put our offer in and waited…. Two days later we were told we were not the winning bid. I cried…… this was our home, I just knew it. I was so confused! We were all devastated. We moved on,
Looking again at a Tudor in the Historic district of Snohomish. We loved that house but it wasn’t on a farm… but we thought we could fix it up and be happy there for a while.

Then... THE CALL… Karla is calling me and I’m napping with Cash. I almost hit ignore to get more sleep… I decide to answer and she’s asking me: “What house do you want? The farmhouse or the Tudor?” WAIT… WHAT????? I’m half asleep and disoriented… did she just ask me if we want the farmhouse? UM… YES!!! Turns out the buyers that outbid us walked and we were the next bid in line, if we gave a verbal yes we were in!

YES YES YES!!! I called Brandon and he was ecstatic! We were getting OUR HOUSE after all… it WAS meant to be!!!

Fast forward a few weeks, we are still very giddy but have had the inspection and with an 87 year old house come some issues here and there. Nothing we can’t handle but we are hoping that everything looks good to the FHA inspector.

((Please insert prayers, good thoughts & positive energy to the universe HERE!))

I am hoping and praying it works out and this will be our home for years and years to come. It’s a lifetime property. Big enough to have more children and lots of animals, grow a garden and live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!

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