Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Jackson Family has grown by 4 paws!

Meet our newest member, 10 week old English Springer Spaniel BILLIE!!

We have been wanting to get Cash James a pup to grow up with for a while now & we were lucky enough to find little Billie yesterday. She is such a sweet girl. All her sisters were very pretty and gregarious as well but there was something about Billie. She is a bit shy & "presented" herself to Cash and I... once we acknowledged her she was very friendly but not over-bearing. She has such a big heart and is such a luv bug! Cash adores her! She fits in with our family perfectly!

Jack-Jack on the other hand.... he is a bit displaced and disgruntled but when we aren't looking he plays with her.

I have a feeling that once he tells her whose boss they will be best friends! At the very least he should appreciate that Billie will take Cash's attention off of him so Jack-Jack can relax =)

Billie already has a few nick-names.... luv bug, sweet pea, baby girl, billie jean to name a few... we're working on her FULL name for the AKC... something along the lines of : "Jacksons Bashful Billie Girl". We'll see.....

I want to thank her "biological" family/breeder for raising such a happy & loving pup! All the pups were so friendly and enjoyed playing with Cash! They obviously put a lot of love into their pups!! Rest assured we will give her a great life!! She's already one of the family =)

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The Jackson Family, December 2008