Monday, May 18, 2009

My Little Aquarius....

Your Aquarian child will show remarkable alertness as an infant and toddler. The attribute common to most Aquarians is a love of learning. Their astonishing ability to grasp concepts will put your child ahead of peers in the early years. You are likely to hear "oh, what a bright child!" time and again. However, there is a tendency to overlook details and skip the mundane aspects of learning. Eventually, you will need to help your child slow down and complete the necessary steps in order to shine consistently and with deep inner satisfaction.

Reading is a great way to build the relationship you want to have with an Aquarian child. There is all the imaginative fun of reading, wherein your child can experience the delight of fantasy, which Aquarius is particularly able to focus on. There is also the practical matter of understanding each word as it appears in a sentence, which requires patience and persistence. If you are there to help your child learn to read, your role as a disciplinarian will be better accepted in later years.

Aquarian children are naturally popular with others because they are such good and loyal friends. They may display an ability to mediate other children's disagreements and thus gain a reputation for being intelligent and fair. A feeling of superiority may overcome your little Aquarius when faced with peers who are not as gifted in the social arena. Help them develop the personal boundaries to be able to move on with their own ideas and projects without criticizing or patronizing peers who can't keep up!

You are blessed with a freedom-loving child. Give your Aquarians the independence they naturally crave and you are likely to find them coming to you for reassurance and affection. Limit their freedom and they will find ways to escape the confines of your affections to get the space this Air sign needs to feel well and succeed.

(thanks for sending this Aunt Jo!)

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