Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meet Scout!

Oops I did it again... I got ANOTHER animal... I don't think anyone can blame me though. Much like 'Lil, Scout needed a new home... but unlike 'Lil he had a line of people just waiting to take him home. Lucky for me I think the big guy upstairs had this all planned out, with a little help from a teenie tiny Monkey that is most likely sitting on his lap.... THIS IS SCOUT ...

He is 8 months old and perfect for our family. I wasn't actively seeking out another doggy, in fact it took everything I had to try to NOT meet him but at the last minute I gave in and well.... now he's part of our family and I couldn't be happier. He is the sweetest boy and has healed my heart so much the past few days he has been here. We took him on a trial run and he passed with flying colors. The only 'thing' that isn't thrilled is our cat Pogo, i think she enjoyed being the "stand in Jack-Jack" since my snuggle love has fallen onto her... but honestly, she needs to get her butt outside and get some mice!

His previous Mama did the best job raising him, he is so good (knock on wood) - i'm sure i'll spoil and ruin him soon enough but for now i'm tryint to stick with the crate etc.. while Elsie is little, once she's bigger i'm sure he'll be sharing my pillow at bedtime and my car on errands. I'm so happy. Isn't this why we bought a farm house on acreage? :)

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