Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Elsie Rae is SIX MONTHS OLD!

It's hard to believe my little lady is half way to a year already! It has gone by so fast! I don't have stats just yet as her doc has been on vacation, (i will follow up once i get them next week), but i'm pretty sure she is still tall and thin for her age (with chubb in all the right places). She is auch a joy to have around. We truly are SO very blessed. **Update: 6 month well check stats: 15lbs 4 oz, 25th percentile, 25" tall, 25th percentile as well. My bug is teenie I guess, she just "looks" tall since she's so lean :)

She is the BIGGEST daddies girl!!! She recently has been known to mumble "mamamammamamama" when she's grouchy but I dont think it's for me, yet she'll throw out "DA DA DA DA DA" and giggle for him, clear as day... go figure right? I take it to be translated as

" Daddy, can i have your debit card, there are these shoes i have my eye on... pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease."
And yes, he's already falling for it.... LOL

I took her to get her photos taken by the fabulous www.HeatherLynnPhotograpie.com at Tra La Studios in downtown historic Snohomish.

Elsie giving Miss Heather "blue steel" at Tra La Studios ...

I adore Heather as a person and as an artist, well... she's amazing, see for yourself... here is a sneak peek....

Can you handle the cuteness????? Yeah, me either =)

Oh and daddy got a hair cut!

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