Tuesday, January 17, 2012

At the Log Yard with Papa

Cash's recent obsession has been Loggers and Logging and of course, his #1 gift request for Christmas from Meme (NOT Santa, but MEME!), a REAL (ish) Logging truck with grapple hook and logs. So it was a no brainer the day Papa told us a REAL BIG BIG Log truck was going to be at the River to pick up some Logs he had sold. So he got geared up and ready to 'help'....

**Quick back story to explain, my grandfather owns property on the Snohomish River under the Trestle of Hwy 2, he runs WICK TOWING Co., started originally by my Great Grandfather. It is a tug boat company, thus access to the log yard, old growth logs etc... the logs that were being loaded up and sold on this particular day have been used in grandpa and great-grandpas booms for years and years. He said he thinks the oldest dates back to the 1930's. That's some NICE OLD TIMBER...

So.... We went to watch Papa run the skidder and load the log truck.

In true Bubba fashion he kept a pretty good distance once the machines were fired up... safety first!

He prefers to supervise, smart boy!

Before we left he said he needed to buck some logs for firewood for our fireplace at home. Such a big help!

All in All we had a GREAT day! Thanks Papa & Great Grandpa Billy!!

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