Thursday, December 2, 2010

And baby makes four....

Brandon,Cash James and I are proud to announce that WE ARE EXPECTING BABY #2!!!! Many of you already know as we aren't very good at keeping secrets.. but we did want to wait until I was a bit further along before going TOTALLY public!

We are OVER THE MOON excited! Cash James is ESPECIALLY ecstatic about the news as you can see in this pic. (taken the day we found out)

Here's how it all went down...

We knew we wanted to get pregnant this fall so we'd have the baby in the summer when my mom would be here to help and Cash would be about 2 1/2 which seems like a good age difference. So I made an appt at my docs office to have my birth control removed on October 5th. We weren't sure how long it would "take" but we were blessed with Cash very quickly and were hoping for the same this time around.

Sure enough the end of October I was having really bad heartburn so I took a test on a whim on November 2nd. Not thinking anything of it, I hadn't even missed a period yet but the dollar store pregnancy tests I bought are well... a dollar... so why not! Sure enough THERE IT WAS... a very very light pink 2nd line. I immediatley called my good friend Jen, surely since the test was only a dollar it was wrong. She answered knowing something was up as I NEVER call, i'm a texter. Next she proceeded to send me a pic of her positive dollar store test from her son Ray, she said her's was exactly the same... BARELY there, but THERE! I took another test while waiting for her picture text to come through. Sure enough, 2nd test turned out VERY light pink again but definatley two lines. I was frantically trying to find a room in the house with good natural light to compare my test to Jen's photo text test. They were identical!

So now I am PRETTY sure i'm pregnant, but again... the dollar store test, being it was only a dollar made me think it was a fluke. So I packed Cash into the car and we headed to Rite Aid to buy an overpriced test to confirm. Yep. Pregnant. OK.... next step, telling Brandon!

I wanted Cash to be part of sharing the news so I went to four stores looking for a "Big Brother" t-shirt. You know, the ones you see EVERYWHERE except for the one day you need one and you only have an hour to beat your husband home! I finally found one (again, see happy pic of Cash above! lol) and ran home, put the Tee on Cash, the plan was to see how long it took Dada to see it and figure it out.

I am a horrible lier... in fact i'm such a bad lier that even not sharing information is lying to me and i couldn't look Brandon in the eyes when he got home. I knew he'd know something was up, so I sat on the couch, shaking ( more out of excitement, I knew he'd be happy since we were "trying") and attempting to knit although I probably only got one row done in the 10 mins I was sitting there waiting for him.

He walks in... business as usual, Hi babe. Hi Billie. Hi Jack Jack. Hi Cash. NOTHING.... minutes seemed like hours... I just kept looking down at my knitting. Finally he says to Cash:

"Oh buddy, are you going to be a brother someday". (As in "eventually"). I just laughed... REALLY??? Is my hubby that dense? Once he saw my face...

I started to cry and laugh and he picked up Cash and strutted around proud as a peacock since it only took 3 weeks of "trying". LOL

So there it is. That was November 2nd. I was almost 5 weeks and here I am almost 9 weeks. I had my first appt Tuesday and next week will be our first ultra sound. The past few weeks have been pure hell. I have been SO SO SO SO sick! I got a bit nauseous with Cash but this was debilitating. I'm thinking twins or a girl... I guess we'll see soon enough.

I am due July 14th. I'm guessing we'll find out the sex in February sometime. We are both hoping for another boy (then a girl a few years down the road) but I know we'll be tickled pink to have a little baby girl this time around too!


  1. Great story, Gretchen!! Congrats to your family!

  2. Congratulations! For what it's worth, I took two CVS tests and had to call my OB's nurse to tell me whether a faint line is a yes. It is. :)

  3. Congrats Momma! Your story sounds a bit like mine the second time around! Woohoo! This crazy world can ALWAYS use another adorable babe to look at! :))

  4. What a fun story! Congrats! I am a total believer in dollar store tests (I didn't use them with my first) because they are spot on. It's never taken us long, either. Two will be wonderful! Congrats, mama! We should find out the sex of #3 on the 22nd. We're hoping for a girl - Ella is big time - but would love a boy, of course.

  5. How sweet! Congrats! Thanks for entering my giveaway today!



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