Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hooray for sunny Fall Days!

We recently bought Cash James a new (to him) John Deere Gator as his little power tractor is out of commission. This one is nice because it can seat up to 4 kids and can hold 120 lbs. (So no tears when friends etc.. are over to play!) It is technically his CHRISTMAS gift but the weather has been so nice and since we're expecting a bad Winter we figured we'd let him get some riding time in. He LOVES it!

I am obsessed with Craigslist! It is WAY better than buying new! THis specific find was not only still in brand new condition but the guy had added better wheels, a battery power indicator on the dash and a roof! Yet we still paid 60% off of the stock price, probably 75% off of what he paid all together with upgrades. YAY ME!

We still want to get the little tractor up and running but i'm pretty sure the gator is going to be the ride of choice around our farm. I'm even tempted to lose a few lbs so I can ride it! haha

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The Jackson Family, December 2008