Saturday, November 20, 2010

Cash's Christmas List

Happy Holidays! Can you believe that Thanksgiving is next week!?! So fun! I love the holidays! I'm very excited to decorate our new house as well (pics to come)and start listening to Christmas music & baking!!


Anywhoo.... i've had some christmas list requests for Cash James so I figured i'd post it here for all to review.

Cash is ALL BOY so anything trucks/tractors/trains etc.. will always go over well.

I really like Books, puzzles & learning toys!

Lately he has been obsessed with trains (Thomas & friends to be exact)

My lovely & generous friend Jenelle gave Cash a bag of Thomas engines & tracks her son Kellen has outgrown. Cash is over the moon happy about this! So anything Thomas to go with his growing set would be appreciated. He has wooden tracks & trains that fit the wooden tracks.

He doesn't seem to be that into "stuffed" toys/bears/animals etc..

His room is a Tractor/John Deere theme and he is still obsessed with Tractors... so that's always a safe bet :)

Cash doesn't have many DVD's. We don't have cable so any tv he does watch is on DVD or the computer... Disney movies would be good because then Dada & Mama can watch along without being bored! He currently has the movie "CARS" which we've seen 100,000,000 times! Classic disney would be fun, movies from our childhood... sleeping beauty, snow white & the 7 dwarfs etc...

On another note when he finds a dvd/show he likes he wants to play with toys from that show... Once we bought the Movie Cars we then were tracking down Mater & Lightening McQueen toys.

Clothing wise he is wearing about 18-24 months in tops ( some smaller 2t's as well) and pants are about 2t. Bigger is safest. He's tall but skinny. He is good on coats for this season. He loves boots of all kinds, he is currently in a size 6 in shoes but has a few pairs so please buy 7+.

He still wears hats of all kinds daily and has a tendency to lose socks! I'm thinking santa may put some in his stocking!

I have no problem with 2nd hand dvds/books/toys. I buy most of Cash's clothes & toys 2nd hand. Everyting is so expensive these days so if you come upon a great deal at a garage sale or used store, more power to ya! We appreciate it just as much!

I hope this is helpful. I'm excited to see Cash's eyes light up when he wakes up Christmas Morning to see Santa has come... i've been waiting a long time for this! Now if only i can find my phone/video charger....

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