Sunday, April 19, 2009

Moms day out...

I FINALLY left Cash for the first time yesterday. Brandon isn't working saturdays for the time being so I figured it was the perfect time to sneak out and BREATHE! It HAS been almost 10 weeks, I figured I deserved a little ME time and I really wanted Brandon to see my day isn't full of bon bons & soap operas! I dawdled a little while leaving, I kept finding things that ALL OF THE SUDDEN needed my attention... OH MY, I forgot to start that laundry, OH NO - I haven't vaccuumed in a few days... I NEED to re-organize the pantry! It is ESSENTIAL that I dust the shelf above the washer & dryer.... Brandon pretty much pushed me out the door. I cried a little saying goodbye to Cash, while telling Brandon: "it's not that I don't TRUST you..."

Then I was off... there was mild panic, looking in the rearview mirror and not seeing the carseat made me think... did I leave Cash somewhere? The plan was to get my nails done, stress has taken my short but well taken care of nails to bloody stumps... they needed help BAD, and FAST! I didn't want to drive ALL the way to my salon in Bellevue, at that point it felt like HOURS away, in reality it's about 15 minutes TOPS - but I coudln't risk it. Instead I chose the closest Salon, which was up on the plateau in Pine Lake - it was a crap shoot, but I needed to be close to home in case I had a breakdown!

I got right in and was sitting with a cute teenie tiny little nail tech when she asked me what color nail polish I wanted... but what I heard was:

"what huge event is occuring in your world today??"

I proceeded to tell her ALL about how it was the first time i've left my 9 week old son and I was a little nervous. She was very sweet, I could really only understand about every third word, language barriers and masks make for a hard conversation at a nail salon, but I could see the empathy in her eyes and I felt like I was in good company. She told me about her two boys, six and 20 months and how hard it is for her to leave them but that she has to make money to help support the family. At that point I felt SO blessed to have such a hard working husband, who gives his ALL 60+ hours a week so that I can stay home and raise our son.

I returned home an hour and a half later. Cash was asleep on Brandon's shoulder and he proceeded to tell me that he slept almost the WHOLE TIME.... figures! I'm glad I got out of the house for a bit for my sanity and vanity... but I don't think I will be leaving too often. I've wanted to be a mama for so long, I love my son beyond words and really, every day is better because of him - no matter how tired, sore or un-showered I am! I love my little monster!!

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