Friday, April 17, 2009

To Binki, or NOT to Binki....

That IS the question..... the answer is YES, PLEASE!!!!! Unfortunatley Cash doesn't agree, he is still pushing the bink out... he is an avid sucker and LOVES to nurse and even sucks on our pinkis but the bink just isn't his gig. I have purchased EVERY binki known to man.... I have nuks, soothies, playtex, gerber, born free, short, long , round , curved, "mother's nipple", latex, blah blah blah! For the LOVE of God there HAS to be a binki he will take! My friends tell me not to give up... i'm at my wits end! I'm thinking he just isn't a bink type of kid. Others tell me how LUCKY I am. " You are SOOOO lucky, you won't have to break him of the binki habit." they say.... I say : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, YOU try nursing him to sleep and all through the night, my nipples are his binki, OUCH! If he didn't LIKE the binki i wouldn't force it on him... but he really enjoys it when he is able to keep it in, he spits it out and then 'roots' for it again. He just can't quite seem to keep it in his mouth! I'm drowning in binkis! I think I have enough to open a daycare! haha

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The Jackson Family, December 2008