Sunday, November 11, 2012

iPad blogging

Attempting to blog from my new iPad (thanks mom!!) if this works well expect more updates from us!! Things are good here at the Jackson baby farm! Papa got us a new wood stove and we are finally WARM hooray!! Just in time as it has been in the 30s this week. All of our critters are present and accounted for. Dogs : Billie girl and Scout , cat: Pogo , chickens: Violet, Etta, Clover and our bantam silkies Buttercup & Doffodil. Cash is enjoying going to preschool twice a week and Elsie wishes she could go too! She is such a social bug, she will walk up to a complete stranger and ask for them to pick her up (I wish I was joking) antethetis of her brother! Im quickly Realizing the downfall of blogging from the iPad... no keyboard and bad wrists do not a happy blogger make! So I'll get to the photos since that's what you all really want anyway :) Xox gretch Aaaaand downfall #2... It won't let me add photos from my iPad files. Sorry for the teaser! I'm trying!

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Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008