Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Newborn photo shoot..

Last night we ATTEMPTED a newborn photo shoot. Jerrah with Freckled photography is AMAZING so of course we ended up with some good pics. Plus how could you NOT get good pics when you're dealing with such a beautiful model (yes, i'm biased) Unfortunatley Sweet Pea cried almost the whole time, when she wasn't nursing... she just wasn't in a modeling mood I guess. Besides her protesting to the photo shoot she has been an absolute JOY! She is such a good baby and I even have to wake her at night to eat, i'm pretty sure she'd sleep thorugh the night if I let her!

Cash is so sweet with her. He is always asking where she is (when he sees she isn't in my arms) and softly touches her head and "shushes" her & says " it's ok baby, dont cry" when she cries (mostly at diaper changes). He gives her kisses and is always showing her his toys and bringing me her binki or a blanket or diaper. Such a good helper. It warms my heart that he is such a gentle and loving big brother. I'm so blessed to have such wonderful children - and such an amazing husband who has been taking care of me and picking up the slack around the house while I heal. I'm sad he has to go back to work already tomorrow but am lucky enough to have a mom that cleared her schedule for the month to help us out.

Enjoy the pics - many many many more to come i'm sure! =)

**Elsie would like me to add that the scale was off by a pound. She's just under 7 lbs. My petite little girl =)

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  1. Congratulations on your newest edition Gretchen! She is absolutely adorable :)



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