Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Potty Time!

Today we started our day with a trip to Target. We went to buy my mom a gift as today is her birthday and we were going to meet her and my aunt for lunch. While we were there I of course had to walk through the baby aisles! I am in no hurry to potty train Cash, in fact any time I've mentioned it in the recent past he has been very upset with me. As we were walking past the potties I made sure to keep my mouth shut but this time he walked over, grabbed one off the shelf and sat down on it. He did this a few times with different potties until he found a frog potty. He seemed to think it was "just right" as he put it in the bottom of our cart and instructed me to "buy this mommy". OK buddy... no expectations here, but now we were buying a potty.

When we got home he immediately put it on the floor in the kitchen ( he carried it from the store to the car and then into the house) After I pulled off the cardboard wrapping he asked me to help him take his pants & dipey off. I followed his lead and then he sat on the froggy potty. A few minutes later he told me he "POOPED" - he stood up and we both looked and he had peed. We both jumped up and down and were very happy. I was blown away, I still don't have too high of expectations but I am so proud of my little man, taking the initiative.

We spent the afternoon with Grandma & Aunt Di lunching, shopping and celebrating Grandma's birthday. Once we got home he put his frog potty on the back deck and asked me to help him get his pants off once again. Sure enough he sat down and peed again, this time dumping the pee over the side of the deck afterwards. He has gone about 6 times time today. I'm not going to run out and buy big boy undies just yet, but if he asks to go in his potty I'm game! Here are some pics of this momentous occasion!

VERY first time going potty!

So proud!

Who doesn't love nakee buns on a sunny day? :)

His very own out-house!

Lounging after dinner. He has a tough life :)

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The Jackson Family, December 2008