Sunday, April 24, 2011


I hope everyone had a blessed & Happy Easter! Here are a few pics to catch everyone up on what's been going on around here!

Cash got his very first hair cut yesterday, we've been talking about it for a while now and decided we needed to do it before he dressed up for Easter. So last night Brandon got the clippers out. He didn't freak out like I thought he would, he actually really liked it and said "it tickled". RIP Baby- Mullet. I will miss you!

He just played with his toys while Daddy buzzed away with the clippers! Now we just need to get Brandon in the barber chair!!

Not bad Daddy! (the bare spots are actually where his hair hasn't come all the way in, Brandon wanted me to point out he didn't mess it up LOL)

Lookin Good! Now get in the bath, you're FILTHY!

Billie watched from the hall with her bad paw (she ripped her pad on something on friday; but she's getting pretty good at running on three legs!)

Our Easter celebrations started Saturday AM with the local parade down 1st street. Cash had the best seat in the house. He had so much fun seeing all the fire trucks, pirates, TRACTORS (of course) and even Tow Mater from Cars made an appearance. (Always a hit with the little guys!) It was a gorgeous sunny morning!

Cash wasn't very excited that I interupted his AM cartoon session to get him dressed in fancy Easter clothes for brunch; in fact he was down right pissy about it! But he looked so cute!

Once we got to his buddy Ian's house for Brunch and he saw that the Easter bunny had come he perked right up! Checking out his loot!

Time for some Egg Hunting! Hurry before the rain comes!

Not bad for a first timer! =)

A big Thank You to the Hendry family for letting us join them for their family brunch & egg hunt!

We made a quick stop by Papa's to show him our Easter treats, then it was time to go home for a MUCH need nap in which Mama took part in as well!

This prego has hit 28 1/2 weeks. Sweet Pea will be here in NO time at all! Monday I have my 29 week appt and my glucose test (bleck).

Time is FLYING by but I am definatley feeling pregnant these days! I try to rest as much as I can but it's so hard when the weather gets nice! This weekend we were spoiled with a day of sun so while Brandon was working on the deck I painted the trim on the front of the house and planted some plants. Needless to say after the egg hunt today I took a LONG nap and am now perched on the couch and don't plan on moving anytime soon!

Painted over the khaki trim with white, not a HUGE change but hopefully just enough to make it pop a bit =) (we need another nice day to finish, B wouldn't let me get up on the ladder to do the roof trim.. wonder why? LOL)

(**I want to hang a flag on the front, i'd love some advice/opinions as to where...)

Got my border set & little plants planted on the left of the stairs. Now I just need to pick out some colorful little happy flowers to plant along the edge. I'm looking foward to having B remove the random cemented pole on the right side so i can start planting over there! My thumb isn't quite green but i'm working on it thanks to some help from my friend Jen!

I can't take ALL the credit though, Cash & daddy helped too!

More fun pics of Cash from the past few weeks....

No fear at the park! Gives Mama anxiety but he is SO coordinated! He's turning into such a little man!

Thursday night date night! SUSHI (Chopstix are FUN!)


Potty chair? NOPE... it's a baby seat for Sweet Pea. Cash LOVES to try out all the baby stuff we've been collecting for baby girl. He had one of these bumbo seats when he was little but he was so fat he barely fit, now this skinny guy fits just fine. But Mama was a little concerned he may end up leaving something behind, thankfully he didn't =)

Oh Hi Billie, can you get any closer? She needs attention apparently!

Love, The Jackson Family


  1. GREAT post! I am jealous that you guys have done so much to your house and yard...we have BARELY begun! I haven't painted the INSIDE yet! :( All in due time, I suppose {and I'm not even preggers, so I don't have any excuses}! Cash is such a HANDSOME little man! We really do need to get together and hang. I want to see your place in PERSON!

  2. Your place was taken care of though Linds! I've seen pics, it's beautiful! Ours was an overgrown foreclosure! :) When the weather warms up lets get the families together for a bbq and fire or something!! xo



Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008