Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is my 31st birthday... I don't know how that happened. I missed my 30th somehow, too pre-occupied with the pregnancy I think. Last year Brandon asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday, my answer... PAINT THE NURSERY! So we did!

This year my request was simple, but not as easy to accommodate. I wanted him to stay home from work and spend the day with us. Birthdays are a big deal... I spend the other 364 days a year tending to others and being selfless ( for the MOST part) I'm a giver.. a compromiser (meaning I compromise what I want to do! haha) but on my birthday it is UNEQUIVICALLY ALL ABOUT ME!!!!! As it SHOULD be, RIGHT??

I had a FABULOUS weekend spending time with good friends and family but today is MY actual DAY.. .so when Brandon said he couldn’t get off work I was crushed! What am I going to do alone? It’s my birthday! Who is going to take me to get my morning coffee… what about going to lunch, or a special trip to a store to buy something for myself I normally wouldn’t buy? I truly was bummed… even when I woke up this morning to Brandon’s alarm.. I was sad. He kissed me good bye and said happy birthday and told me he would try to get off work as soon as possible…I said thank you then I rolled over and fell back asleep wishing he didn’t have to go….

A few hours later I woke to the rain… such a beautiful sound ( when you don’t have to GO anywhere!) I looked over and Cash was smiling at me. He then climbed over to me, after pausing and saying (sort-of) “jack jack jack jack” to the dog… his morning ritual…. He bent down put his mouth on my arm and gave me a HUGE raspberry then giggled! It was as if he was saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA, I LOVE YOU! All of my loneliness and sadness and self pity VANISHED…

I would have loved Brandon to spend the day with us, but in that moment I realized I will never be alone… I have been blessed with the silliest most adorable little monster that will always be there to make me laugh and feel loved! Who would have thought a “raspberry” would be the Best Birthday Gift Ever!?!?!!

Happy birthday to ME! Cash’s mama!

***Thank you to everyone who has sent Birthday Wishes via cards, gifts, emails, texts, facebook messages etc... I really appreciate it!!! xoxox***

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