Monday, August 24, 2009

Note to self...

As promised, here are a few 6 month photos. We only did a few 'studio' shots since Cash has been sick but he is still cute as a bugs ear if you ask me! We will go back in a week or so once he is feeling better. We were actually trying for a "feetie eating/toe sucking" studio shot but I missed my window... i'm so bummed. I really should have taken him in once he was in full toe suck mode (around 4 months). I thought waiting wouldn't be a big deal but now that he's crawling his feet are a thing of the past.... note to self... capture milestones before big boy moves on!! Enjoy!! =)

Cash LOVES to climb on anything dangerous of course!

Pulled himself up in his crib, big boy!

Nothing is safe when Cash is on the prowl!

On his Rody Horse "Hi-Ho Silver and AWAY!"

He always goes back to the nursing stool when able; 5 bucks says it will be the cause of his first black eye!

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Photos by Ann Elrod -

The Jackson Family, December 2008